Gothenburg Airport Guide to Gothenburg Landvetter Airport

Göteborg Airport Terminal

Göteborg International Airport consists of a couple of terminal buildings connected to each other that consists of a single passenger terminal.

In that sense, Domestic operations are located on the right building, whilst international services are on the left one.

In the past, Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport had two terminals, domestic and international. Since 2014, both terminals merged into a single one.


Present & future

There’s an ongoing expansion project which has conclude its first phase: An extension of 1,800 square meters of the Arrivals Hall has been recently completed, including two new baggage carousels.

The expansion project includes: A on-airport hotel, three new gates and air bridges, a train station on the International Terminal.

It is expected that those refurbishment works will be completed by 2020.


Transfer between Domestic and International

Both Domestic and International buildings are connected to each other.



Gothenburg Airport Terminal consists of a couple of levels as seen:

Ground level: Arrivals Hall and check-in area, including pre-security services: Banking services, check-in for oversized baggage, food, drink and several stores, meeting point, information counter, etc.

Check-in concourses are separately distributed on both sides.

Please note that the check-in and luggage screening takes place in the International Terminal.

In order to move to the next level (boarding are and gates) passengers need to clear the security check.

Upper level: Departures. This is where both international and domestic departures are done. Please note that Domestic and International services areas are separated: Domestic (right) and International (left):

Domestic Terminal: It is home of boarding gates 12-14 (including an air bridge), and a couple of gates which are connected to the terminal via bus transfer (Gates 10-11).

International Terminal: From east to west, consists of four air bridges for boarding gates: 12, 14, 15-17, 18A-H, 19A, 20A-B, and also remote gates 21A-B-C-D, connected to the terminal via bus transfer.

Please note that boarding gates 16-18 are for Schengen services, whilst non-Schengen flights are assigned to boarding gates 20A to 21D. Boarding gate 19 serves for both Schengen and non-Schengen flights.


The transfer area, the space between the old terminals, is properly equipped with a good selection of cafés, a restaurant and a wide number of shops.



Flight Status

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Find the following services at Gothenburg Airport Terminal:

- Banking services
- Cash machines
- Police office
- ATMs
- Smoking area
- Oversized baggage
- Information counter
- Flower shop
- Food, drink and retail concessions
- Currency exchange (check-in and transfer areas)
- Conference facility
- Children’s play area
- Courier delivery
- Free Wi-Fi connection
- Toilets
- Quiet room
- Lost & found
- Meeting point

See more Services here.


Airport lounges

Göteborg Airport has at their passengers’ disposal the following lounges:

- Vinga Lounge: Location: International Terminal, Airside, Gate 18.

- SAS Lounges: Location: International Terminal. There are a couple of SAS Lounge across boarding gate 16 and at the entrance to gates 18A-H.

- Menzies Lounge: Location: International Terminal, Gates 18A-H.

- BRA Lounge: Location: Domestic Terminal, Airside, Gate 16.

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